Former Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins ​​works to bring new team together

Kirk Cousins ​​​​has always been a great teammate.

From his years as Michigan State’s quarterback to what will now be his 13th season in the NFL, Cousins ​​has always gone the extra mile, knowing that the camaraderie within the team is one of the most important aspects of a successful football team.

Cousins ​​is now with his third NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, who he joined in free agency this offseason. The veteran quarterback is already looking for ways to develop bonds with his new teammates and create chemistry within the locker room.

Since off-season operations began in April, Cousins ​​has been dining with his off-season line.

“That’s our first thing, checking out these chain restaurants,” Cousins ​​said last week. “RIP Red Lobster, so we’re going to Texas Roadhouse.”

Cousins ​​is also considering hosting a film event with his offensive line.

“All the sports films show up at practice,” he said. “Definitely the heavyweights, that’s a big deal right now. I’m thinking of having a watch party with the O-Line where we watch the heavyweights to introduce these guys to the heavyweights.”

Cousins ​​appears to be having fun with his new teammates as offseason practices begin.

The 35-year-old quarterback suffered an Achilles injury that ended his final season with the Minnesota Vikings and has been recovering since. From what he said, Cousins ​​feels good about his current situation.

This is a new chapter for Cousins, who spent six years in Minnesota, where he became one of the best quarterbacks in the league. This will be a very new situation for him in Atlanta, but Cousins ​​has been a pro for a long time and is surely ready for this.

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