Boston restaurant owner arrested again for allegedly cutting GPS bracelet: “I’m sick and tired of it”

BOSTON – Patrick Mendoza, a controversial Boston restaurant owner, has been arrested again, this time for allegedly attempting to cut his GPS monitoring bracelet.

Mendoza, 55, is a Co-owner of Monica’s Trattoria in the North End. He was arraigned Monday afternoon and prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his bail. The judge is expected to rule on the matter at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in Boston Superior Court.

“I will definitely kill someone”

Mendoza had been released from jail since posting $10,000 bail on May 1, several months after he was charged in a North End shooting. last summer.

According to a Boston Police report, officers were called to a North Bennett Street apartment late Saturday night and found that Mendoza had allegedly tampered with his GPS tracking bracelet. Police said it “appeared to be severed.”

“I think this is a situation where our prisons are overcrowded,” said legal expert Jennifer Roman. “They got the warning that he had cut it off and they responded, and so the system worked, right? The GPS monitoring bracelet worked,” she said.

When officers asked him why he was cutting, Mendoza reportedly replied, “I’m tired of it and I’m fed up with it.”

Details of the incident were redacted in the police report, but officials said Mendoza said when he was arrested that he was “definitely going to kill someone,” but someone held him in a bedroom.

The report said Mendoza was “extremely stressed” about his upcoming criminal trial.

North End Shooting 2023

Mendoza already faces several charges in connection with the July 2023 incident, including armed assault resulting in death, attempted assault with a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm.

Prosecutors said Mendoza shot a man outside Modern Pastry on Hanover Street in the North End on July 12, 2023. No one was injured in the shooting, which was recorded. Surveillance videobut a bullet hit a window in the bakery. According to court documents, the man who was shot said he had known Mendoza for about 20 years and there had been an ongoing feud between them.

Mendoza was arrested after nine days on the run at the Gosnold Treatment Center in Falmouth, a substance abuse treatment facility. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Mendoza appeared in court and was Bail denied twice after a judge found him dangerous.

Monica’s Trattoria

After the shooting, Monica’s Trattoria remained open until Mendoza was arrested. The restaurant was then closed by the city until a new manager was appointed for the Alcohol license.

The restaurant asked the board to transfer the license to Amanda McQueenwhich was unanimously approved. The restaurant has been in operation ever since. Mendoza’s family owns several businesses in the North End.