YouTube star Ben Potter aka Comicstorian dies at the age of 40 after ‘unfortunate accident’

YouTube star Comicstorian, real name Ben Potter, has died at the age of 40 as a result of what his wife called an “unfortunate accident.”

Nathalie Potter shared the news on her social media channels on Monday, but did not elaborate on the cause of her husband’s death.

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“Two days ago, on June 8th, my husband Ben Potter passed away in an unfortunate accident,” her statement began.

“For many of you, he was a comics storyteller who told stories from many different media.

“To his loved ones, he was one of the best and most helpful people one could wish for.

“His (YouTube) channel was one of his greatest achievements, and while we all need time to mourn his loss, I know he would not have wanted it to end this way.”

Potter said she and her husband’s YouTube team will keep his channel open to preserve his memory.

“Ben has spent over 10 years spreading his love and appreciation for his hobbies,” she said.

“The team and I want to continue this.

“To honor him by continuing to tell great stories about great people and to keep the memory of our own superhero alive.

“We supported each other in everything we wanted to do and I have no plans to stop now.”

The wife of YouTube star Ben Potter made this statement after his death.
The wife of YouTube star Ben Potter made this statement after his death. Credit: Comics Story /Instagram

Fans rushed to share their condolences and express how much Potter’s YouTube channel had meant to them.

“I am truly shocked and saddened,” wrote one fan, while another said the news left him “devastated.”

“One of the few YouTube channels I actually enjoyed,” said one fan.

“He seemed like a great guy, my condolences.”

Potter had over three million subscribers to his channel and turned his love of comics into a career.

On the channel, he talked about the origins and storylines of various comics and narrated radio plays based on his favorite comics.

YouTube star Ben Potter, also known as Comicstorian.
YouTube star Ben Potter, also known as Comicstorian. Credit: Comics Story /Youtube

The channel, created in 2014, included over 3,000 videos with a total of over a billion views.

Potter also hosted two podcasts called The Weekly Pull and Absolute Comics, a gaming channel called Eligible Monster Gaming, a manga channel called Mangastorian, and regularly live streamed himself playing video games on Twitch.

Potter’s final video post has over 51,000 views and nearly 4,000 comments, mostly from fans expressing their sadness over his death.

“RIP Benny, we will miss you very much,” wrote one fan.

“I’m really confused, I’ve been on this channel since high school and I’m almost 27,” wrote another.

“Hold tight all your loved ones.”

“Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you, Benny, for everything you’ve done for the comic community,” wrote a third.

“We will miss you.”

I'm Ben Potter.
I’m Ben Potter. Credit: Michael Coppola/Getty Images for YouTube Shorts

One comic book fan said he loved that Potter kept him updated on what was happening in the comic book world after he could no longer afford comic books himself.

“I stopped reading comics after I just couldn’t afford it anymore,” the fan wrote.

“He kept me informed and I still felt like part of a community.

“His work will never be forgotten and I am deeply sorry for your loss.

“My thoughts and love are with the family.

“May the legend rest in peace.”

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