Idaho man arrested for cannabidiol and more | News

ORANGE CITY – A 20-year-old Nampa, Idaho man was arrested in Orange City at approximately 12:17 a.m. on Sunday, June 9. He is charged with first-time possession of a controlled substance (cannabidiol), first-time possession/purchase of alcohol under the legal age, and first-time use of a tobacco/vaping product by a person under 21 years of age.

The arrest of Simon Rudolf De Jong occurred after a 2009 Yamaha moped with no license plates was stopped at the intersection of Delaware Avenue Northwest and Sixth Street Northwest in Orange City, according to Orange City police.

De Jong was found to smell of an alcoholic beverage and was taken to the Sioux County Jail in Orange City for further testing.

When he arrived, something fell from De Jong’s bag to the ground. The officer picked it up and asked De Jong what it was. De Jong said it was a marijuana vaporizing device, according to the incident report.

Tests confirmed that the liquid in the vaporizer contained THC.