Woman sues Michigan sister after she was attacked by her cat and suffered multiple stab wounds, lawsuit says

(CBS-DETROIT) – A woman has filed a lawsuit against her sister after she was bitten and severely injured by her sister’s cat in their Michigan home last year.

According to the lawsuit, Terra Simpson traveled from Alabama to Branch County, Michigan in December 2023 to visit her sister, Samantha Scherer.

The lawsuit alleges that during her visit, Simpson was attacked without warning by her sister’s cat. The cat bit Simpson near her right wrist, leaving numerous puncture wounds.

Simpson had a severe reaction to the bites, “requiring extensive medical treatment of her right upper extremity, including surgery, medications and physical therapy.”

As Simpson struggles with the health consequences of her injuries, she filed a lawsuit against her sister in federal court seeking more than $75,000 in damages for her injuries and losses.

According to the lawsuit, Scherer knew, or at least should have known, about the cat’s “abnormally aggressive behavior.”

Additionally, the lawsuit states that the damages include severe injuries to Simpson’s upper arm, as well as other problems or injuries that caused or aggravated pre-existing problems. Pain, suffering, and mental anguish are also listed as injuries.

Scherer told the Detroit News she was shocked but not upset by the lawsuit because her sister had been through a lot and had medical bills to pay. She also said the perpetrator of the attack, her 15-year-old cat Zoey, died in March.