Industrial worker in New Jersey killed in bizarre accident, OSHA investigates

πŸ”΄ Industrial worker killed in Middlesex County

πŸ”΄ OSHA is conducting its own investigation

πŸ”΄ At least third worker killed in New Jersey this year

MIDDLESEX BOROUGH – An investigation has been launched into the death of an employee at a Middlesex County metal fabrication company.

According to Middlesex Borough Police, an employee at Diamond Brite Metals was killed Tuesday morning.

A 911 caller reported a forklift accident at the industrial building on Cedar Avenue around 7:15 a.m. Police arrived shortly thereafter and found the worker unconscious.

The worker was identified as Jimmy Fernando Parrales Mora, 46, of North Plainfield.

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Diamond Brite Metals (Google Maps)

Diamond Brite Metals (Google Maps)

A police investigation revealed that Parrales Mora was killed when a metal beam fell and struck him while he was at work. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Occupational Safety and Health Authority was also on site to conduct its own investigations.

“OSHA is investigating and has up to six months to complete its investigation,” said OSHA spokeswoman Joanna Hawkins.

Diamond Brite Metals describes itself on its website as β€œthe most comprehensive metal polisher in the country.”

At least third worker killed in New Jersey this year

At least two other workers have died in New Jersey this year.

A worker in Kenilworth died when he fell into a large hole while installing a sewer line. Another worker died at a recycling center in Lakewood after reportedly becoming trapped in a trash can.

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