Reliant and YMCA of Greater Houston Host Water Safety Program

HOUSTON (KIAH) – As the summer season approaches, keeping you and your family safe at the beach or pool is a top priority. Drowning is the leading cause of death among children ages 1 to 4 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On average, there were about 4,000 unintentional drowning deaths, or about 11 drowning deaths per day. The risk of drowning is higher among racial groups, with black children 7.6 times more likely to drown than white children.

That’s why Reliant is partnering with the YMCA of Greater Houston on a water safety program. The mobile program will focus on basic swimming skills, CPR and swimming survival techniques to prevent accidental drownings. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is always a great skill to master in and out of the pool. The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association offer CPR training classes, both in person and virtually. Reliant donated $30,000 to the Y to expand the program to more Houstonians this summer.

To learn more about the program and how to sign up, visit the YMCA of Greater Houston website. Below are some ways to keep yourself and those around you safe so you can enjoy the waves.

  • Close Surveillance – Anything can happen as soon as you look away. Always make sure you don’t see anyone submerged underwater or floating with their backs facing the sun. Also avoid doing things that will distract the swimmer’s attention, such as reading or being on the phone.
  • Wear a life jacket – They may not go well with the swimsuit, but it can keep you from sinking. Life jackets should be used by all children and new swimmers when in the water.
  • Buddy System – If you are a beginner or uncomfortable in deep water, swim with a friend. If you are alone, make sure there is a lifeguard watching you at all times before heading out into the waves. Always have someone nearby in case of a medical emergency or problems in the water.