Judge stunned after man with suspended license attends Zoom court hearing while driving – WSB-TV Channel 2

WASHTENAW COUNTY, Michigan – A Michigan state judge was at a loss for words after a man accused of driving without a license appeared in court virtually earlier this month – while driving.

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Washtenaw County District Judge J. Cedric Simpson conducted a virtual court hearing via Zoom with 44-year-old Corey Harris, who participated in the hearing on camera and appeared to be driving his vehicle, reported.

According to WXYZ-TV, Harris was charged with driving without a license in October 2023.

Of course the judge was confused.

“Mr. Harris, are you driving?” Simpson asked Harris, according to WJBK-TV.

“Actually, I’m driving to my doctor’s office,” Harris replied, according to the television station. “Just give me a second, I’m parking.”

Simpson dropped his pen and rested his head on his hand, WJBK reported.

“I look at his records and he doesn’t have a driver’s license,” Simpson said, according to “He’s suspended and only drives…”

Simpson turned to Natalie Pate, Harris’ public defender, who had asked for a delay, WZZM-TV reported.

“Maybe I’m not understanding something. Is this driving with a suspended license?” Simpson asked the lawyer who confirmed the charges against his client. “And he was just driving? And he didn’t have a license.”

“That is correct, Your Honor,” said Pate.

Not surprisingly, Simpson revoked Harris’s bail and ordered him to surrender to authorities at the Washtenaw County Jail by evening,” WJBK reported.

“I don’t even know why he would do that,” Simpson said in court.

“Oh my God,” Harris is heard saying.

Harris will appear in court again on June 5, the television station reported.