Former Lagos PDP chairman suspended for alleged misconduct

The Peoples Democratic Party in Alimosho Local Government Area of ​​Lagos State has indefinitely suspended the party’s former State Chairman, Mr. Segun Adewale (alias Aeroland).

The Nigerian News Agency reported that Adewale, whose political base is Alimosho, was suspended for allegedly sowing discontent in the party and damaging the party’s image.

Adewale’s suspension was announced by Alhaji Isiaka Shodiya, the party’s local government chairman, at a press conference in Lagos on Tuesday.

Also suspended for one month besides Adewale were the Deputy Chairman of the LGA, Mrs. Esther Adeyemi (Ward 11), the Auditor General, Mr. Jimi Awogbade (Ward 4), the Organising Secretary, Mrs. Bola Bamgbose (04), as well as Mr. John Bolaji, Chairman of District E1, and Mr. Kenneth Nwanzuere of District M1.

Addressing a press conference at the party’s LG secretariat, accompanied by LGA leaders and eight of the 11 district chairmen, Shodiya said the party took the decision to suspend Adewale and others for bringing the party into disrepute through falsehoods and baseless allegations on social media.

According to him, Adewale disregarded the party’s constitution, incited violence and showed no respect for the party’s leaders.

Shodiya read out a letter dated June 11 addressed to the PDP state chairman, Philip Aivoji, which said that party members in the LGA were awakened on March 22 by a recorded voice message from Adewale on the Alimosho PDP WhatsApp platform, in which he claimed that party leaders were accepting bribes.

Adewale’s other offenses included making false allegations against the LGA bordering on embezzlement and making statements on social media that could damage the party’s image and undermine its political success.

He said Adéwale was also promoting division within the party by creating a parallel structure that would challenge and compete with the party’s authentic structure.

“All of the above and other facts blatantly violate the party’s statutes according to Section 58 Paragraph 1 Letters a, b, h, i, l and m.

“Having complied with the above-quoted section, the LGA executive of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alimosho, has no option but to comply with Section 59(1) Subsection D and declare that Mr. Segun Adewale of Ward 10 (M1) in Alimosho is hereby suspended indefinitely.

“We use this medium to inform the whole world that Mr. Segun Adewale (Aeroland) is suspended indefinitely and should be treated accordingly.

“We will also communicate this to the Nigerian Police so that they are aware of the current status of Mr Segun Adewale within the party.

“This is to protect the lives and property of our esteemed party members due to his violent tendencies,” Shodiya said.

The chairman added that Adewale had also taken some party members to the Zone 2 police headquarters “on the basis of baseless allegations with an evil intention to intimidate them and sow discontent within the party”.

According to him, Adewale took to social media to accuse members of the party’s national body and officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission of collecting bribes and “thereby portraying our party to the voters as a useless party full of bribe addicts and takers”.

“As a party guided by an honourable constitution, we cannot stand by and watch as an individual or group of individuals in local government continue to destroy the party without any justification,” he said.

Shodiya said the party had also referred some of the matters to the party leadership and a duly constituted disciplinary committee, including the Council of Elders of Alimosho PDP, for resolution.

He said Adewale had failed to respond to invitations from the Council of Elders and the Disciplinary Committee.

“The Committee has received several petitions from the LGA management and the Ward Managers of Ward 10 (M1) from which Mr. Segun Adewale hails. In addition, the Committee has also received other private and group petitions against Adewale.

“The committee has done thorough work based on the petitions submitted and the application of the party’s statutes. Its report was submitted to the Executive Committee on Monday.

“In the report, the Disciplinary Committee severely reprimanded Mr Segun Adewale for all his activities in the party.

“All this represents gross indiscipline and a blatant violation of the party’s constitution. He committed these offenses out of arrogance,” he said.

He said that the committee had, however, recommended to the LGA Exco in the interest of the party to take an appropriate decision by invoking Section 59, Subsection 1 and 2 of the Party Constitution 2017 as amended and applying these sections to the maximum extent.

The party leader said Adewale was suspended based on the committee’s recommendations.

Mr. Ezekiel Oriyomi, the Secretary of the LGA, also said in his speech that Adewale had not added any value to the party and was on friendly terms with the ruling party.