Houston Ship Channel Daily Natural Gas Price Snapshot

Location Houston Ship Canal
Point code ETXHSHIP
Region East Texas
Avg. Price
D/D change

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Includes transactions within the Houston Pipe Line Pool. NGI defers to the locations that the Intercontinental Exchange includes in its HPL pool definition.

  • NGI Storage Snapshot

    Natural gas futures climbed above $3 in early trading Monday before falling back to earth as record June forecasts were offset by fears that the production tap could soon widen to new.

  • MidiWaha20240610

    Rising prices gave way to a decline in natural gas futures markets as of midday Monday as prices fluctuated despite warmer weather extending through the second half of June and into in July.

  • Regional-Base-Northeast20240610

    Natural gas stocks in the East remain high after a mild winter. But prices have started to rise in parts of the region, amid slowing early-season demand and expectations for more product to come.

  • Morning Markets-v2

    With a blanket of heat settling over the southern part of the country, market bulls maintained control, pushing natural gas futures a quick month past previous resistance during trading Monday morning.

  • eiastorage-35

    Weekly natural gas spot prices rose as warm weather in the West gave the country its first decent demand for summer-like cooling. Futures, anticipating more sweltering heat in the coming weeks, jumped higher.