Rapist police officer who attacked the same woman twice within weeks sentenced to 12 years in prison

PC Aron May, 40, was found guilty of both sexual assaults following a trial at Worcester Crown Court in April. He has since been dismissed from service.

The officer, who is from the Bridgnorth area but worked for West Midlands Police, carried out his first attack on August 14, 2019, before hunting the same woman again just days later, at the end of the August bank holiday weekend.

MailOnline reported that the first time he picked up his victim and carried her to another room, ignoring her pleas to stop having sex. His second attack came while she was sleeping.

The victim confronted the police officer about his crimes while secretly recording him, the court heard.

Rapist police officer Aaron May. Image: West Mercia Police

In the audio recording, which was used as evidence in the trial, May is said to have unleashed a torrent of insults.

May, of Romsley Lane, Romsley, near Bridgnorth, was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for the first rape and five years’ imprisonment for the second rape, to be served consecutively.

He was also given a restraining order prohibiting him from having contact with his victim.

Although May was a police officer in the West Midlands, the rapes were investigated by police in neighbouring West Mercia.

Following the verdict, Assistant Chief Constable Scott Green of West Midlands Police said: “Aron May was dismissed from West Midlands Police in May 2024 following his conviction of two counts of rape at Worcester Crown Court. He had previously attended a misconduct hearing.

“Today he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

“The public rightly expects the highest levels of professionalism from our officers and staff, and we are committed to ensuring that those who violate these standards are held accountable.”