Study reveals the disgusting sexual fetish that is the second most popular in the US

By Emily Joshu, Health Reporter for Dailymail.Com

21:02 June 10, 2024, updated 21:21 June 10, 2024

You may have thought that hearing your partner fart is an instant romance killer.

But not for everyone. For many, the opposite is true, as new data shows.

The stinking habit is now the second most popular sexual fetish in the world, according to a global report.

Researchers at the kink and fetish platform Clips4Sale analyzed search data and sales related to popular fetishes.

They found that while bondage is the predominant form worldwide, searches for gas transmitters have exploded by 430 percent in the last year alone and sales of related accessories have increased by 40 percent.

Being aroused by farts is a sign of olfactophilia, or smells coming from the body. The subgroup that is specifically interested in farts is called eproctophilia.
Researchers found that while bondage dominated the world, searches for gas-relief devices exploded by 430 percent in the last year alone and sales increased by 40 percent.

In the US, UK, Australia and Canada, the fetish remains number two behind bondage, although farting takes first place in Brazil and Portugal.

Although flatulence has only recently gained popularity, scientists believe that the sound and smell of flatulence have been having a stimulating effect for decades.

Avery Martin, a spokesperson for Clips4Sale, said this disgusting habit began gaining popularity in February 2020 and has steadily increased since then.

“Maybe it was the confinement during lockdown or maybe the loss of smell that so many experienced at the beginning of the Covid pandemic,” Martin said. “You can’t deny its power!”

This year, sales increased by 50 percent.

Being aroused by farts is a sign of olfactophilia, which is being sexually aroused by body odors. The subgroup that is specifically interested in farts is called eproctophilia.


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It is not clear exactly how many people suffer from eproctophilia, but there are a few case studies on the subject.

A 2013 report published in APA PsycNet detailed the case of Brad (not his real name), a single, bisexual 22-year-old man living in Illinois. His parents divorced when he was six, but he had a relatively normal childhood.

However, when he was about 16 or 17, a male friend farted in front of him. “The sound was quite appealing and I fixated on it,” Brad told British psychologist Dr. Mark Griffiths.

“At first I didn’t want to admit that I liked his farting, but eventually I decided to experiment.”

“I once made a bet and intentionally lost, with the stake being the right to fart in the loser’s face for a week.”

“I lost those bets every few weeks for about two years.” Brad also noted that he liked “everything about it,” although the “pungent smell of sulfur” was what attracted him most.

Furthermore, 22-year-old straight Jason (not his real name) told Vice in 2018 that his first fart fantasies began around age six.

“I remember not being allowed to use the word ‘fart’ when I was little, so it probably seemed even more taboo or forbidden to me,” he said.

And Fabio (not his real name), a 37-year-old straight man from Brazil, told Vice that although he is straight, he is exclusively attracted to male farts.

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When he was five years old, Fabio’s cousin sprayed gas into his face for fun.

“He didn’t know I was near his buttocks admiring them and his fart made my dreams come true,” Fabio said.

According to Sarah Berry, a sex and relationship therapist, the fetish often develops when someone is exposed to this type of gas in a high-stress environment.

“Farts are generally perceived as funny, gross and/or embarrassing,” she told Vice.

“Any experience that exacerbates any of these responses could lead to farting emerging as a sexual preference.”

According to Clips4Sale’s research, bondage, i.e. tying up or holding a sexual partner, is still the most popular fetish.

Other popular fetishes include masochism – pleasure from pain or humiliation –, facesitting and foot fetishes.