Community’s heartfelt response to teen after shark attack – NBC 6 South Florida

Last weekend, chaos reigned on the peaceful coast of Northwest Florida when a normal vacation for two Alabama teenagers in the Panhandle turned into a life-threatening encounter.

While swimming in the ocean at Rosemary Beach in Walton County, the two girls were attacked by a shark, leaving one seriously injured. Just hours earlier, another woman was attacked about 4 miles away.

According to a report by NBC News, authorities closed the waters to the public after the second attack. It was then reopened on Saturday with a red flag indicating high waves and strong currents and a purple flag indicating stinging marine life.

Back home in Birmingham, Alabama, the Mountain Brook community offers the two teenagers tireless support and solidarity.

According to social media, a local church held a prayer service on Sunday for the two Birmingham residents involved in the shark attack.

Andy’s Farm Market, a local farmers market in Birmingham, has been at the forefront of the community effort.

According to Tricia Burris, the owner of Andy’s, a Facebook post mentioned that purple was one of the victims’ favorite color, and they began making purple ribbons for the community to show their support.

“The response has been phenomenal,” she said in a statement to NBC6.

“Whole neighborhoods are ordering forms and collecting donations that go directly to families to help them with medical expenses,” Burris said.