Atlanta apartments are shrinking while Marietta apartments are growing – sort of

🏠 The essential: Atlanta and Marietta are experiencing significant changes in apartment sizes. According to RentCafe, while housing in Atlanta is decreasing, Marietta has seen an increase, but future developments in both cities indicate a trend toward more compact living spaces.

📏 The details:

  • Atlanta: Apartments built in the last decade average 904 square feet, which is 61 square feet smaller than older units. Future units are expected to shrink further to 875 square feet.
  • Marietta: Recent apartments have gained 30 square feet, or an average of 1,025 square feet. However, future units are expected to shrink significantly by 264 square feet, to an average of 791 square feet.

🔢 In numbers :

  • Atlanta:
  • Last decade: 904 square feet
  • Future units: 875 ft²
  • Marietta:
  • Last decade: 1,025 square feet
  • Future units: 791 sq. ft.
  • National ranking: Atlanta ranks 44th among the 100 largest U.S. cities in terms of apartment size.

🌍 The big picture:

  • Nationally, 41 of the 50 largest cities with the largest apartments are in the Sunbelt. Only a few, including Atlanta, are seeing a significant decrease in size.
  • Marietta’s sharp future decline contrasts with its recent growth, indicating a pivot toward smaller units.

📈 Why is this important: Renters in Atlanta and Marietta face important decisions as newer apartments become more compact. This trend affects living conditions and could influence the dynamics of the rental market as the high season approaches.

🛠️ What you can do:

  • Consider older units for more space if space is your priority.
  • Stay informed about upcoming developments and their projected sizes to make better leasing decisions.

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