Update: “Power” star Michael Rainey Jr. says he doesn’t take sexual harassment by streamer TyTy James’ sister “lightly”

Update: “Power” star Michael Rainey Jr. says he doesn’t take sexual harassment by streamer TyTy James’ sister “lightly”

To update: Michael Rainey Jr. has spoken about how he was mistreated during TyTy James‘ live stream. In a post he shared on his IG stories, he wrote:

“By now everyone has seen the video circulating on the internet. I am still in shock and don’t know how to process what happened last night. This is an unfortunate situation that I do not condone in any way. I cannot take this lightly because I know that if the roles were reversed I would be in serious trouble.”

The text continued:

“The fact is that sexual assault is never okay, regardless of gender or status. We are all human and should respect each other. Most importantly, we should always respect ourselves.”

His comments follow an apology from TyTy James who said he was “embarrassed and disgusted” by what his sister had done. The internet star also expressed that he “completely respects every direction” Michael Rainey Jr. decides to deal with the serious situation.

Original story: (June 10, 2024): Actor Michael Rainey Jr. is making headlines because of a disturbing incident during a Twitch livestream.

The 23-year-old actor was seen on the popular streamer TyTy James‘ stream when he was apparently sexually abused by the internet star’s sister.

Michael Rainey Jr. and TyTy James’ sister

In the video, Michael Rainey Jr. can be seen as visibly uncomfortable TyTy James’ His sister appears to be touching his crotch area while whispering something in his ear.

After the live event and after the incident was made known and denounced on social media, TyTy James addressed the situation in a follow-up stream, expressing his frustration and explaining:

“I try to just ignore this shit but I’m getting texts, the energy changed and the n***** up and left. All this shit really made me feel this way.”

He stated:

“I’m surrounded by celebrities all day long… She’s never seen anyone of that caliber, and it’s my sister, so I’m not going to say anything bad about her. I’m just going to check her out.”

TyTy James

However, TyTy James has since changed his mind. In a recent statement, he apologized to Michael Rainey Jr. and said he respects how the actor handles the situation.

“Following the events that occurred during my stream last night, I want to sincerely apologize to Michael and his family for what happened. My little sister was completely misbehaving and over the top. What she did was very inappropriate and unacceptable. I am truly embarrassed and disgusted by her behavior. I completely respect what Michael wants to do in this situation. After seeing the clip, I was completely shocked by what she did. I will take extreme precautions on future streams to avoid similar issues and have banned her from participating in future streams. I do not tolerate any form of abuse.”

While Michael Rainey Jr. has not yet commented on the incident, but there is great outrage on social media about what happened.

An X user wrote:

“Wow, shake my head, I hate that this happened to him and the brother is trying to make it look like nothing.”

Another X user expressed similar sentiments, saying:

“My sister doesn’t like being around famous people and when she’s around them she turns into an uncontrollable bitch?” is a wild defense.”

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