Prince Ave, Collins Hill, Carver-Atlanta set for Brent Key/Corky Kell + Dave Hunter 7-on-7

The final two days of the Brent Key/Corky Kell + Dave Hunter 7-on-7 tournament will take place at The Flats on Tuesday and Wednesday at Bobby Dodd Stadium, the Rose Bowl and Brock Indoor on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta.

Follow the link to see the full schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here’s a look at some of the favorite teams.

Prince Avenue Wolverines

Prince Avenue is ready to kick off the season at the 2024 Brent Key + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7 and after winning the program’s third state championship, there’s plenty for the Wolverines to build on.

Greg Vandagriff enters his 9th year at the helm of the program, and once again he does not disappoint Wolverines fans. During those eight years, Prince Avenue appeared in 4 consecutive state championships and won three state championships, five regional titles and, most importantly, achieved an incredible 97-12 record. Coach Vandagriff and the Wolverines are not used to losing and they are ready to demonstrate their ability to win at the Brent Key 2024 + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7.

Under Vandagriff’s leadership, the Wolverines became a powerhouse, known for their consistent winning culture. The tournament will provide a crucial first test, paving the way for what promises to be another exciting season. The players are motivated, the coaching staff is prepared and the fans are eagerly awaiting what this team will achieve next. Taking the field, the Wolverines and Coach Vandagriff aim to prove once again that they are a force to be reckoned with, ready to dominate and inspire in the 2024 season.

“The only thing we’re trying to do is get better, which means we’re going to run our system, run our defense. We are there to improve ourselves; we only care about what happens in December,” Vandagriff said.

There are a few key players to watch at 7v7 and throughout the season.

“We’re getting a new quarterback this season, so it’s crucial to evaluate Ben Musser and Jake Bobo at QB,” he said.

“We need to see how they behave and compete. Our receiving corps is strong, led by All-State receivers junior CJ Dockery and sophomore Hudson Hills. On the tight end, we have a notable prospect in Bryson Williams. At 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, he promises to be a physical presence and mismatch for defenses that we haven’t had before. In the backfield, Andrew Beard, our fullback, has received offers from top programs like Georgia and Alabama. Despite a few off-season departures, we have added key pieces to our roster that will help elevate our team to a new level. Defensively, we are supported by our linebacker Mac Bradley, who has received 6-8 offers from various colleges due to his impressive play. Our secondary is led by free safety Gaines Scoggins and cornerback Brody Tolbert. Our biggest goal this season is to develop our depth. Our goal is to identify and develop our second-tier players to ensure we have strong reinforcements ready to step in when needed. This depth will be essential to maintaining a high level of performance throughout the season. »

According to Vandagriff, there are advantages to 7-on-7.

“It helps us find depth, understand the situation, understand if the defense is in man position or zone, and then understand how to run your routes better. So that’s what we’re trying to accomplish in this tournament. More importantly, I want them to compete. No matter who you play, you have to compete. This is life, not just 7v7, you have to compete in life.

Addressing safety precautions, Vandagriff assured, “We’re going to watch our kids, make sure they’re hydrated and what they look like. We’re not going to pilot just one player for the entire game; we’ll replace the guys and rotate them. We generally do a very good job on safety, and I don’t expect it to be any different.

With these preparations and strong team spirit, Prince Avenue is poised to make a significant impact in the 2024 Brent Key + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7, and hopes to continue this play in the regular season and beyond in the fall.

Carver-Atlanta Panthers

Carver Atlanta wants to build on lessons learned from last year’s lackluster campaign. Led by coach Darren Myles, Carver looks to get back to winning ways. Myles is entering his 20th year as head coach and hopes to bring a positive record and deeper playoff run to Panthers fans. During those 19 years, Carver Atlanta made the playoffs fifteen times, with two quarterfinals, two semifinals, and one appearance in the finals. The Panthers and Coach Myles are determined to win, and they’re ready to show it in the Brent Key 2024 + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7.

The 2024 Brent Key + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7 will prepare Coach Myles and his players for what should be a better season than the last. Taking the field, the Panthers and Coach Myles aim to improve on last season and make the playoffs.

“You’re going to see a lot of effort. My guys are going to play hard and be very physical. With only 9 seniors on the roster, we are a young and inexperienced team, so there will be mistakes, but that’s how we improve,” Myles said.

“Experience comes at quarterback and with two of our guys playing both sides of the ball. Senior QB Montavious Banks will be one of our best on the offensive end, along with junior TE/DL Arlando Crafton, who has offers from 6-7 schools, and junior DB/WR Joshua Raven. Junior DB/RB Lataious Stepp Jr., who has 6-8 offers, and junior DB/WR Terrious Favors will be the main guys to watch, on the defensive side of the ball,” Myles said.

The benefits of a 7v7 tournament not only help a team solve problems and learn in the short term, but also in the long term. What is taught, learned and applied during the summer can help teams better prepare for the regular season and playoffs in the fall.

“A tournament like this gives our kids a lot of exposure and good competition. There are always great teams at the Corky Kell Classic, which makes our kids better because you get the best out of them when they play against the best. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to be on a college campus and a college soccer club. These are factors that build camaraderie through competition, making our kids better men on and off the field,” says Coach Myles.

With the Brent Key + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7 2024 taking place in early June on the Georgia Tech campus, it can get pretty hot. Coach Myles knows this and will take the necessary precautions and measures to ensure his team and players do what is necessary to stay fit and healthy throughout the day.

“We will make sure to stay hydrated and energized before we leave. We will provide them with breakfast, water and juice in the morning and we will have Gatorades and our own water bottles for each player during the day. I know Georgia Tech does a great job of keeping players hydrated, so our players will continue to drink water before, during and after each of our games,” he said.

After a disappointing regular season and first-round playoff exit in 2023, the Carver-Atlanta Panthers look to improve this offseason at the Brent Key 2024 + Corky Kell/Dave Hunter 7-on-7 and hopefully see better results in the fall and beyond.

Eagles of Collins Hill

The Collins Hill Eagles look to build on their late-season success in 2023, including a playoff win over North Cobb High School, before suffering a loss to Milton in the second round. The Eagles look to win their second state title in four years and build on the success of one of the state’s elite programs, which has seen its share of household names, including potential contender to the Heisman Trophy and two-way player Travis Hunter and Atlanta. Falcons backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke.

The Eagles will be led by second-year head coach Drew Swick with a relatively young team on both sides of the ball. Swick is excited about his team’s potential and is looking forward to the upcoming tournament this week, as many players are looking to make big strides in 2024, starting with this week’s tournament.

One of them is senior wide receiver Alijah Patillo, who Swick said has become a leader both on the field and in the classroom and will look to play an increased role in the offense in 2024.

“We had a lot of mouths to feed on the offensive end last year, receiver and we had to spread the ball around, but Alijah is a kid that comes in and works. Today he became a leader. He became very, very vocal and he’s been killing it in class lately,” Swick said.

Patillo’s role on offense won’t be the only thing that changes on that side of the ball. The Eagles will undergo a change under center, with former team captain and rising senior TJ Wilcox transferring to Buford High School this summer. Rising junior AJ Bush is expected to start at quarterback for Collins Hill in 2024 and should see the majority of the tournament’s starting representatives.

“AJ did a great job. You know, becoming a leader, developing relationships with all your receivers, running backs, coaches, you know, saying after practice and that’s why you have to have that quarterback spot to be great. Swick exclaimed.

Defensively, the team will return rising junior linebacker Mike Jayvon Hatch, a rising senior who is entering his third year as a starter and should also receive plenty of playing time in the tournament as he looks to continue building on their success last season and help Collins Hill continue to progress as a defensive unit.

“Jayvon has been that guy for two years. » said Swick. “Now he’s this vocal guy making every call on defense, pointing out the little details he can pick up on film.”

Regarding the tournament, Swick is not very concerned about his team’s wins and losses, but rather wants his team to do their best and develop good habits for the upcoming season.

“We want to set the tone in the first seven or seven games that we have and that will take us forward. You know, going out in the first game and getting back up on your own and never giving up. Little things like this go a long way in early summer and it becomes a habit as fall approaches. Swick said.