Albuquerque man in intensive care after seemingly random attack at fast-food restaurant

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – It’s the disturbing story of an Albuquerque man who is in a coma. He was brutally attacked for no apparent reason. It happened at a fast food restaurant and his family is looking for answers.

“Who did this to our father?” asked Jasmine Roberts, Tim Roberts’ daughter.

The Roberts family continues to face questions after their father, Tim Roberts, was left in critical condition following an apparently random attack. “My father is still in intensive care, he is in a coma and unresponsive,” said Renee Roberts, Tim Roberts’ daughter.

Roberts was attacked last week at the McDonald’s on the corner of Central and Yale in the University District. His family says he was only there to order food. “My dad just walks over from the kiosk, asks the question, the man walks over and punches my dad in the face,” Renee Roberts said.

After the attack, Roberts was alert enough to flag down an Albuquerque Police sergeant, who eventually took him in an ambulance to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where Roberts’ health deteriorated significantly.

“Something can happen to anyone, out of the blue and for no reason,” said Jasmine Roberts.

Roberts is disabled and new to the Albuquerque area. He was receiving dialysis treatments. His family says he has no relationship with the man who attacked him.

“It’s hard to put into words things like this. You know, seeing your parents brutally attacked, especially when they’re that old,” said Renee Roberts, Tim Roberts’ daughter.

Much of his family lives out of state and is still waiting for answers from police. In the meantime, they are also hoping Roberts recovers and they get more information about the attack. “He’s just a happy spirit, funny, down to earth and just hilarious. My dad is a very loving father and a really good grandfather, a really good friend,” Jasmine Roberts said.