6 First Alert Forecast – Temperatures and humidity will increase in the next few days

OMAHA, Nebraska (WOWT) – Isolated showers are possible during the early morning hours Tuesday.

Most of us will probably stay dry as the showers will stop around 10am.

In the afternoon it will clear up and temperatures will rise to over 30 degrees.

Forecast for Tuesday
Forecast for Tuesday(WOWT)

Although there may be some mugginess outside, fortunately it will remain mostly under control today.

Tuesday, muggy meter
Tuesday, muggy meter(WOWT)

The same cannot be said for the next few days.

On Wednesday, Omaha is expected to see its first 90 degrees of 2024, along with more humid air.

Also on Thursday the temperatures will be just over 35 degrees, the heat index will be just over 35 degrees.

A front will pass through on Thursday and briefly reduce humidity late in the day.

However, it will strengthen again on Friday and serve as a driver for storms that develop into the evening hours.

This ushers in a weekend that will see several possible thunderstorms.

Most of these events are expected to occur during the overnight and morning hours, with dry afternoon hours more likely.

This will be worth watching since there are College World Series games all weekend and Father’s Day is on Sunday.

Temperatures will continue to rise over the weekend, falling from around 30 degrees Celsius on Friday to just over 35 degrees Celsius on Sunday.