Gainesville child leaves home and returns when police open it…

Gainesville police responded to a 911 call about a runaway juvenile near Buenavista Circle Friday night, according to a Gainesville police Facebook post Monday afternoon.

The caller told authorities that her 12-year-old sister had run away from home and left a message. Neighbors saw the minor walking down the street, and police decided to investigate.

Family members on site said they found the child on Atlanta Highway and brought him home.

At this point, the teenager claimed that she had been kidnapped from her garage. Someone came from behind and dragged her into a car.

The 12-year-old also claimed that the man stopped at a store but could not remember what he bought.

Police immediately began searching the area and worked with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office to look for evidence of the kidnapper.

After two days, investigators have still not found any evidence to support the kidnapping allegations and the investigation is still ongoing.

Authorities have asked police psychiatric clinics to conduct a second interview with the girl, who will continue to provide support to the girl and her family.