Massive Hot Sauce Shortage Coming Soon in Buffalo, New York

Uh oh! One of our favorite condiments could disappear from Buffalo shelves this summer, panicking local shoppers.

If there’s one special sauce we can’t live without here in the 716, it’s hot sauce. We love putting it on everything – and we literally mean All. Wings, tacos, eggs, ramen; The list is lengthened increasingly. Some of us even like our ice cream spicy (Have you tried Perry’s new Bee Sting flavor? We hear it’s amazing).

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And everyone has their favorite hot sauce to add a little heat to their favorite dishes.

For wings, the standard is Frank’s Red Hot. Tacos and burritos go perfectly with a bottle of Cholula. Tabasco, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Texas Pete – we really have no shortage of options to turn up the heat.


But one of the most popular hot sauces available in Buffalo stores, one that pairs perfectly with almost everything, might soon be impossible to get your hands on.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Shortage Coming to Buffalo, New York

In recent years, fans of this Asian staple Sriracha hot sauce have noticed that finding it in stock at their local store can be hit or miss. Huy Fong i FoodsIt is the largest producer of sriracha hot sauce, recognized by this famous red bottle with a rooster and a green cap.


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For a time, this popular spicy condiment was so hard to find that greedy people sold it for such high prices. $60 per bottle on sites like Amazon and eBay.

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If you’re a fan of the OG sriracha made by Huy Fong, you better stock up if you see it at your local store. It appears a shortage is underway.

Huy Fong Foods will stop producing Sriracha until at least the fall

In a letter obtained by USA todayHuy Fong Foods has informed its wholesale buyers that it will stop production of this popular sauce until after Labor Day, due to a lack of available product. red jalapeño peppers, and that any orders placed after May 6 would be canceled.

“After reevaluating our chili supply, we have determined that it is too green to continue production as it affects the color of the product.” – Huy Fong Foods

Will another Sriracha shortage really happen in Buffalo?

Even though Huy Fong Foods’ announcement freaks out hot sauce lovers across the Empire State, you shouldn’t panic just yet.

Stephanie Walker, a professor and vegetable specialist at New Mexico State University, told USA Today that other sriracha producers have no problem with their chili pepper supply, and she speculates that might have to do with a difficult relationship between Huy Fong and their jalapeño suppliers.

Indeed, several reputable brands make their own sriracha, and “generic” sriracha can be easily found at stores like Wegmans and Trader Joe’s, so you should still be able to get your spicy fix this summer.

sriracha bottles

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But the bad news?

Nothing is as good as the original sriracha with the red bottle and green cap…


If you come across Huy Fong sriracha here in Buffalo in the coming days or weeks, try not to repurchase the entire supply and please save some for the rest of We.

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