Judge shocked when man with revoked driver’s license appears virtually while driving

Judge shocked when man with revoked driver's license appears virtually while driving

The incident occurred on May 15.

A judge in Michigan, USA, was shocked when a man with a suspended driver’s license attended a virtual court hearing via Zoom while driving his car, according to a report in People Magazine. The video of the incident was shared via the Honorable Judge Cedric Simpson’s live feed on YouTube and is going viral on the internet.

On May 15, Corey Harris’ public defender entered the courtroom and stated that he was to “attend the hearing via Zoom” in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, when the man joined the call, it was obvious that he was in a moving car. Mr. Harris was holding the phone with one hand while driving his vehicle with the other.

District Judge Cedric Simpson was shocked by this and asked Mr Harris if he was driving. He replied: “Actually, I’m driving to my doctor’s office, so just give me a second. I’m parking.”

However, Mr Harris did not notice Judge Simpson’s confused and stunned expression as he was busy parking. A few seconds later, the judge asked Mr Harris if he was still standing. The defendant said: “I am driving in at this very moment. Yes, I am.”

The judge then asked Mr Harris’s lawyer for clarification. She requested an adjournment of up to four weeks. Judge Simpson said: “OK, maybe I’m not understanding something. This is a case of driving without a license… and he was just driving and didn’t have a license.”

The hearing went silent as it appeared none of the Zoom participants knew how to respond. The judge continued, “I don’t even know why he would do that.” He then revoked Mr. Harris’s bail.

“The defendant must report to the Washtenaw County Jail by 6 p.m. today or a no-bail warrant will be issued,” he added.

According to court documents, Mr. Harris was previously charged with driving without a license in October 2023.