FIRST WARNING | Chris Bailey observes pleasant temperatures

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – It’s another day of fantastic weather across the region as we prepare to reverse the weather pattern later this week. Then comes typical summer weather, likely bringing with it the first 32 degrees of the year.

Highs today will be between 70 and 75 degrees in the eastern half of the state. Temperatures may even reach 65 to 70 degrees in some places, with some clouds moving in. These clouds may produce a scattered shower or two.

As skies clear tonight, temperatures are likely to drop to 4 degrees Celsius in many areas.

There will also be some fog and temperatures are expected to remain above 10 degrees Celsius.

Maximum temperatures on Tuesday will again be above 21 degrees and the skies will once again be spectacular.

We are approaching a normal Wednesday with normal numbers on Thursday.

From then on, we expect temperatures to reach 30-35 degrees Celsius over the weekend. Keep in mind that wet ground and lush vegetation will moderate the temperatures. This is something the models don’t really take into account, so the numbers they derive are probably way too high.

At the beginning of the weekend, a weak cold front will move in, which could trigger isolated thunderstorms.

We’ll also see the Gulf of Mexico light up with a lot of energy and moisture. This doesn’t mean these will be tropical systems, of course, but the moisture from these could snake its way toward Kentucky early next week.

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