Already soggy neighborhoods brace for torrential rain

Already soggy neighborhoods brace for torrential rain

HOUSTON – As many families prepare to put last week’s flooding behind them, Mother Nature is preparing for another storm that could dump several inches of rain on already saturated areas.

Another round of showers is expected to pass through the Houston area later Monday.

Some areas could see several inches of rain, including neighborhoods north of I-10. Many of these communities are still cleaning up after the most recent flooding.

“Yes, we washed. But it stank so bad,” Sharon Hambrick said.

It was a flood that nearly rivaled that of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

In its wake, streets lined with debris and flooded cars.

A water line visible on the seats of an abandoned car in floodwaters in the Forest Cove neighborhood of Kingwood in Houston, Texas, May 12, 2024. (Copyright 2024 by KPRC Click2Houston – All rights reserved.)

“There hasn’t been a flood, maybe 3 or 4 days, and there hasn’t been a flood since 2017,” Glenn Sutton said.

Gauge: “We might see a fair amount of rain, does that worry you at all and give you PTSD or Déjà vu?” »

Glenn: “No. I’m fine. You know, it’s not going to rain 20 inches like the other day, I don’t think. But no, I’m fine.

Sharon: “Yeah, especially my husband. He is very worried. He’s always nervous and, you know, should we keep doing this because of our age? We have grown in age.

Simply put, some of these neighborhoods are like a soaked sponge.

If there is more water, the ground may no longer be able to absorb it, leading to flooding.

Even though this rain won’t even be close to what we just experienced, it’s a knee-jerk reaction that still makes those who have been through this heartbreak a little nervous about any type of rain.

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