Family identifies 19-year-old killed in May 1 shooting in Baldwin County

STOCKTON, Ala. (WKRG) – A shooting in Stockton Saturday night at a May Day celebration left three people dead. Family confirms with News 5 that one of the victims is 19-year-old Michael Anderson Jr.

The shoot 15 other people injured.

“They ruined something that had been happening for years,” witness Douglas Bolden Jr. said.

Bolden tells News 5 this May Day holiday has brought the Stockton community together since 1970.

This year, the family hosting the celebration provided extra security and expected a larger turnout.

“Every year, until last night, it seems to go well,” said witness Chanequa Gray.

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, an argument broke out at the party and at least one person began shooting at the crowd of over a thousand people.

According to BCSO, it is possible there was more than one shooter.

“All I know is that shots were flying from every direction and people were falling to the ground,” Gray said.

Bolden tells News 5 that Stockton never experiences this type of gun violence and that it’s a shame that the celebration turned into a tragedy.

“Because someone shot out here yesterday and all these mothers today think they’re having a happy day and are screaming with their hearts broken, that’s a messed up idea,” Bolden said.

There were no arrests.

Bolden said, “I just want them to get it.”