Suitcase containing “human remains” found at Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

Suitcase containing “human remains” found at Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

A manhunt was launched after two suitcases full of human remains were left at the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

Police said they were called at 11:57 p.m. on Wednesday to a man behaving suspiciously on the bridge.

The officers arrived within ten minutes, but the man had already left and left a suitcase behind. A short time later, a second suitcase was found.

Both probably contain human remains.

Avon and Somerset Police said their “immediate priority” was to find the man and identify the human remains.

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Bristol Acting Commander Vicks Hayward-Melen said: “This is a very disturbing incident and I am fully aware of the concern it is causing in our community.

“The investigation is being led by our Serious Crime Investigation Team and involves specialist officers and staff from across the organisation.

“Our immediate priority is to locate the man who brought the suitcases onto the bridge, identify the deceased and inform the next of kin.

“Professionals are on hand to provide them with any support they need.”

She added: “Following the discovery of the suitcases, the area was immediately searched by ground officers with the assistance of the National Police Air Service and HM Coastguard. These searches are ongoing.”

“Initial investigations have shown that the man was taken to the bridge in a taxi. This vehicle has been confiscated and the driver is assisting us with our investigations.”

“Specialized forensic investigators are currently examining the bridge and the surrounding area. The bridge will remain closed during these investigations.”

An autopsy will take place later Thursday.

Roads around the famous bridge that connects Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset remain closed while investigators comb the area.

Forensic scientists in white suits were seen at work behind a police cordon near the bridge.

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