25-year-old man killed after altercation with Buffalo police

25-year-old man killed after altercation with Buffalo police

The Kensington neighborhood in Buffalo’s University District saw a high level of police activity early in the morning on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, when a man was shot and killed by Buffalo Police officers following a traffic stop and an altercation that occurred immediately after the stop.

Details of the shooting initially remained tight-lipped as police detectives and Internal Affairs Division agents investigated the circumstances that led a BPD officer to discharge his weapon just after midnight Wednesday morning.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia held a news conference later Wednesday to detail the shooting and what happened leading up to it.

While the Buffalo Police Department has not released the identity of the man shot by officers, the Buffalo News has received confirmation of the man’s name from multiple sources, including someone within the law enforcement community.

According to the Buffalo News, Dae’von M. Roberts, 25, of Buffalo, was the man shot and killed by police.

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Commissioner Gramaglia gave details of the incident that occurred early in the morning at the press conference.

Roberts was reportedly pulled over on Kensington Avenue for speeding and having tinted windows. When he was stopped, police say a 6-year-old boy was in the front seat without a car seat.

Their report notes that Roberts was ordered out of the car by officers, but instead of exiting the vehicle, he attempted to drive away, and one officer, who was holding onto the car by the door, was dragged as the car sped down Kensington Avenue at at least 60 mph.

Commissioner Gramaglia said the officer pleaded with Roberts to stop the car, and when Roberts tried to get him out of the car, that’s when the officer fired. The officer fired five rounds at Roberts, all of which hit him.

The child in the front seat was uninjured, while Roberts suffered serious injuries. He was treated at the scene and taken to Erie County Medical Center, where he died.

Gramaglia later reported that a loaded gun was found in the car.

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This tragedy is not the first to happen to Dae’von Roberts’ family.

Roberts is the brother of Jaylen Griffin, the boy who went missing in 2020 and was later found dead in a South Buffalo home earlier this year. Roberts and Griffin’s older brother, Jawaan Griffin, was killed in a shooting on Memorial Drive in Buffalo in 2020. Roberts’ mother, Joann Ponzo, died of an illness in September 2023.

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