Raped at home at the age of 16 while her parents were at work: A 34-year-old waitress reported

Raped at home at the age of 16 while her parents were at work: A 34-year-old waitress reported

An evening like many others spent at home waiting for mom and dad to return Romanian seasonal workers on Ponza, one of the islands besieged by tourists in summer, became a nightmare for a 16-year-old girl .

A 34-year-old man from Rome who had also recently come to the island to work as a seasonal waiter, allegedly the little girl abused .

According to the investigators’ findings It was around 7 p.m. when the girl left the house for a moment, probably to throw away the garbage, and found herself confronted by the man who forced her to return to the house and then raped her. .

After the violence, the shocked girl found the strength to track down her mother and tell her everything: it was the woman who had called the police and reported her daughter’s rape.

According to our knowledge, the family had only arrived from Romania a few days ago, so the victim does not speak Italian. Nevertheless, she managed to describe the incident in her own language and provide useful details to the investigators, who immediately began searching for the man.

Within a short time, the police managed to identify the 34-year-old, who already had several previous convictions and who had rented a house right next to that of the victim’s family with two other tenants, and found that he had not exceeded the time limit set for the probationary period in a restaurant.

When he was tracked down by the military, the man was completely drunk. He was banned from the island of Ponza and the Cassino public prosecutor’s office filed charges against him for serious sexual assault: The 34-year-old is currently under investigation, but he is at large .

However, investigations are still ongoing to clarify all the details of the matter .

The girl was immediately taken by air ambulance to the Santa Maria Goretti hospital in Latina and is now in a secure facility in the capital.

The incident has shocked the island, which has been overrun by holidaymakers in recent days. “Our feelings,” says Mayor Franco Ambrosino, “go out to the girl and her family in this very ugly story of violence. We know that many people pass through Ponza in the summer, including people of dubious origins, and that makes us sad.”


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