Neptune Public Works Department chief suspended after Facebook comments surface

Neptune Public Works Department chief suspended after Facebook comments surface

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NEPTUNE – The township committee has suspended Public Works Director and Emergency Management Office Deputy Coordinator David Milmoe for 30 days without pay after comments Milmoe apparently made on social media were brought to the attention of township officials.

Deputy Mayor Robert Lane, Committee member Derel Stroud and Committee member Kevin McMillan voted for the suspension and Mayor Tassie York abstained. Committee member Keith Cafferty was absent.

No official reason was given for the personnel decision, but the suspension came after comments apparently came to light from Milmoe’s Facebook account.

In a screenshot obtained by the Asbury Park Press, a Facebook account named Dave Milmoe used a homophobic slur in a comment on a friend’s 2011 post.

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In another screenshot shared with TapInto Neptune/Neptune City, the account named Dave Milmoe wrote in one comment, “…you’re going to be a gay firefighter now? Next you’ll be playing the flute at rest stops,” and in another comment, “I’m just trying to figure out if we’re flying the flag in your honor, Stevie Wonder.” To which the other person responded in the exchange, “This is the wrong month to make that statement,” referring to June, which is recognized as Pride Month for LGBTQ and related communities.

Milmoe’s annual salary is reported to be $146,547. The suspension will last from July 9 to August 19.

The municipal committee did not want to comment on personnel decisions.

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