Mali’s junta reauthorizes political activities suspended in April

Mali’s junta reauthorizes political activities suspended in April

Mali’s ruling junta has announced that it will allow political parties and political associations to resume activities that it suspended in the spring.

“The government has decided to lift the suspension that banned political parties and the activities of political associations,” said a statement on Wednesday from the Council of Ministers, which is dominated by military leaders who seized power in a coup in 2020.

The head of the military government, Colonel Assimi Goita, justified the suspension with the “sterile discussions” and “subversion” of the political parties, which in his opinion posed a threat to the ongoing national “dialogue” on the political future of Mali.

At the time, the parties protested against the colonels’ decision to remain in power beyond the deadline for the return to civilian rule in March 2024.

The main parties and the remaining opposition parties boycotted the “dialogue”, which nevertheless took place with the supporters of the regime.

“Unsustainable” situation

In May, pro-junta politicians made the “recommendation” that the military should remain in power “for another two to five years” and that the current head of the junta should be given the opportunity to run in future presidential elections.

At the end of June, eleven opposition members were arrested after calling on the junta to return power to civilians.

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