Atlanta Is The 2nd ‘Best City For Renters To Live In 2024’

Atlanta Is The 2nd ‘Best City For Renters To Live In 2024’

A new study conducted by Rent Cafe, a research blog dedicated to reporting on trends and research in the renting world, found Atlanta to be one of the best cities to rent in 2024. Rent Cafe recently published an article listing the ‘Best Cities for Renters to Live in 2024’ and Atlanta came in as number 2, just behind Charleston, SC.

How did Atlanta get so high?

Atlantans might disagree with this new ranking. Many city residents pay more than they’d like to in rent. But the new ranking is based on more than just cost alone.

Rent Cafe says:

“To help renters identify their ideal city, we looked at 20 relevant metrics across 150 US cities. These metrics — which include apartment quality, economic strength, traffic, air quality and natural amenities — were then grouped into three categories: cost of living and housing; local economy; and quality of life.”

Specifically, Rent Cafe focuses on the local economy, which has tons of opportunities for job-seekers. Atlanta, sometimes known as ‘Silicon Peach,’ in reference to Silicon Valley, has tons of job opportunities with US giant companies. Delta, which is based out of Atlanta, and the Atlanta airport, are some of the largest job providers in the state of Georgia. Atlanta also has The Home Depot and UPS, huge job suppliers.

DELTA planes lined up at the airport at nightDELTA planes lined up at the airport at night

Among the top great places to work in Atlanta, the city also has a “cost of living below the national average.” You can read all about the study, and see where other cities rank on their report, here!

We can all agree that paying rent, in Atlanta or anywhere, isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. But we are grateful to live in a city with a thriving cultural scene, tons of cool things to do, job opportunities, good schools, and so much more.