3 dead dogs found in abandoned U-Haul truck in Boston

3 dead dogs found in abandoned U-Haul truck in Boston

BOSTON – Neighbors said they could smell it before they realized what it was. Three dead dogs were found in the back of a U-Haul truck on Edgewater Drive. Residents along the street said the truck had been coming and going for weeks and no one seemed to know who it belonged to.

In recent weeks, neighbors have reported seeing someone taking dogs in and out of the van. On Monday, several witnesses said they saw a man carrying water cans to the U-Haul to rinse off two dogs.

According to the police report, neighbors called 911 on Tuesday afternoon. Many said the smell was unbearable and flies were surrounding the van. One neighbor told WBZ-TV he checked on the truck, but the windows were tinted and he was overwhelmed by flies.

Three dead dogs were found in a U-Haul truck on Edgewater Drive in Boston.

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“Suddenly I smelled something really bad that I didn’t know was coming from the truck. Believe me,” said Yves Vilerson. “When I tried to look, it smelled very strong and there were a thousand flies in the truck.”

According to the police report, arriving officers eventually found three dead dogs in the back of the van. One was lying in a cage. Officers also reported finding dog food, empty water containers and a bleach container in the front of the van.

Boston police looking for tenant

Boston police said they are working with U-Haul to locate the vehicle’s renter and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

In Boston, temperatures have been above 90 degrees in recent days. “Within minutes, this can become a life-threatening situation,” said Dr. Kiko Bracker of Angell Animal Medical Center.

He says that in such temperatures, every second counts. “If you suspect that something is wrong, that an animal or a person is in danger, then there is no harm in saying something, it can only be of benefit,” said Dr. Bracker.