Important update on the trial of gang rape at bachelor party

Important update on the trial of gang rape at bachelor party

ATTENTION: Graphic details

Three men accused of raping three teenagers during a stag weekend must now wait to see how the charges turn out. The jury has retired to reach a verdict.

Andrew David, 30, and brothers Maurice Hawell (30) and Marius Hawell (22) appeared in court after pleading not guilty to charges of aggravated sexual assault in company, attempted aggravated sexual assault in company and aggravated sexual touching.

The trio had rented an Airbnb in Newcastle in February 2022 to celebrate a stag party for groom-to-be Maurice when they allegedly raped three teenagers in dark rooms.

Prosecutors allege that the three men sexually assaulted two 18-year-old women on Friday night after pushing them onto beds in a dark room of the rented Airbnb.

Rape trial at Bucks PartyRape trial at Bucks Party

Maurice Hawell has denied raping three teenagers during a stag weekend in Newcastle. Image: NewsWire / Monique Harmer

One of the teenagers testified in court that Maurice first entered a room where she was having consensual sex with another bachelor party guest and attempted to touch her sexually without her consent.

Shortly afterwards, the two 18-year-olds told the court that they went into a bedroom to get their phones as they prepared to leave, but were pushed backwards onto the beds and attacked.

One of the teenagers said she was forced to have sexual intercourse with a man she could not see while another man knelt on her arms and put his penis in her mouth.

The other teenager said she was pushed onto the bed next to her friend and stripped naked as a man attempted to put his penis in her mouth while she was being penetratively and anally raped.

Both teenagers testified that they could not identify their alleged attackers due to the darkness of the room.

Prosecutor Craig Evans alleges that Maurice, Mr David and Marius were involved in the alleged gang rapes and either knew the women were not consenting or were careless with their consent.

He claims that the three men were also involved in the sexual harassment of a 19-year-old woman the following night.


Andrew David pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges. Image: NewsWire / Nikki Short

Rape trial at Bucks PartyRape trial at Bucks Party

His lawyer criticized the Crown’s lawsuit. Image: NewsWire / Monique Harmer

The court was told that Maurice approached the teenager on the street and persuaded her to come back to the rented Airbnb accommodation for a taste of the drink, but instead led her into a bedroom.

The teenager said she was pushed onto a bed and they kissed before Mr. David entered the room and Maurice asked her if she wanted to have a threesome with them.

The 19-year-old said she rejected the proposal, but Mr David pinned her to the bed by kneeling on her shoulders and forced his penis into her mouth while Maurice penetrated her.

She told the court that she tried to keep her legs closed, but the man forced them open.

The teenager said a third man, who prosecutors believe is Marius, came into the room during the gang rape and used his flashlight to illuminate the sexual act.

Maurice and Mr. David insist that all sexual activity was consensual, while Marius claims he was not involved in any of the sexual incidents during the stag weekend.

Rape trial at Bucks PartyRape trial at Bucks Party

Marius Hawell was on trial on charges of gang rape. Image: NewsWire / John Appleyard

Rape trial at Bucks PartyRape trial at Bucks Party

He denies having been in either room on either night. Image: NewsWire / John Appleyard

Their lawyers all questioned the credibility of the alleged victims and argued that their clients did not know that the women did not consent.

All three men faced a trial lasting several weeks in the New South Wales District Court. They were accused of participating in a joint criminal act in which they disregarded the women’s consent.

On Thursday, Judge Gina O’Rourke reminded jurors that they were required to consider the evidence against each defendant individually.

“It’s basically three processes in one,” she said.

She also reminded the jury that the trio was presumed innocent and urged them to “remain unbiased” in their deliberations.

After a detailed summary by the judge, the jury retired on Thursday afternoon to discuss their verdicts.