Man rapes the same widow ten years later » TheVoiceBW

Man rapes the same widow ten years later » TheVoiceBW

Woman’s husband killed by rapist’s father

A serial sex offender who already served ten years for raping an elderly woman will now serve a longer prison sentence after being convicted of raping the same grandmother again shortly after his release.

Babolokeng Makhujwane, 43, made the front page of The Voice in January 2022 when it was revealed that he had twice raped the wife of the man his father had murdered 21 years earlier within a decade.

Makhujwane’s murderous father is now a free man after serving his 20-year prison sentence, but his rapist son’s imprisonment is just beginning!

The handcuffed suspect appeared in the Francistown Magistrate’s Court last week looking shaken up. Police reportedly spent some time persuading him to leave his cell that morning.

The Mapatse man’s mood darkened even further when he was found guilty for the second time in his life of raping the now 65-year-old widow.

Although he insists he did not do it, Chief Judge Game Mooketsi found that the State had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Makhujwane did indeed commit the rape.

On the day in question, 5 December 2021, the court heard that the victim had visited a friend in Mapatse settlement near Marapong village to help with housework.

While she was sleeping at night, Makhujwane is said to have sneaked into the house, crawled under the covers, held a knife to her throat and then raped her.

He then fled into the darkness, whereupon the desperate victim woke up her friend and together they called the police. Makhujwane was finally arrested by community members on December 24.

In reaching her verdict, the judge found that the defendant, who had no legal representation, did not do his case any favors by his “silence” in court.

“He did not even call any of his witnesses. He denied having had sexual intercourse with the plaintiff, but when given the opportunity to testify, he chose to remain silent. The plaintiff’s DNA swabs matched those of the defendant,” she ruled.

It was a verdict that apparently surprised the suspect, and Makhujwana shook his head in disbelief.

With teary red eyes, the convicted rapist shuffled over to the waiting prison van, hurled a few kind words at The Voice journalist, and yelled at our reporter to put her camera away before he smashed it.

Makhujwana appears to have gained quite a lot of muscle mass during his time in prison, so this warning was hastily heeded – even though the accused was in chains!

However, there will be ample opportunity to get a more accurate picture of Makhujwana when he returns to court for sentencing on July 23.