Houston Power Outage Map: 400,000 More CenterPoint Energy Customers in Houston Area Expected to Have Power Restored by Friday

Houston Power Outage Map: 400,000 More CenterPoint Energy Customers in Houston Area Expected to Have Power Restored by Friday

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — More than a million CenterPoint Energy customers in the Houston area are still without power, three long, hot days since Hurricane Beryl hit the region.

Many residents of Southeast Texas say they have lost faith in CenterPoint, the region’s main energy provider. On Wednesday, a mural was installed on the side of I-10 in Sawyer that reads “CenterPointless.” That pretty much sums up how many people feel, not about the linemen working in the elements to restore power, but about the system that led to this massive outage.

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According to CenterPoint Outage Tracking, 1.1 million customers were still without power Thursday morning, and more than 1.1 million customers had been restored since the storm. CenterPoint said that with 2.26 million customers affected, this is the largest power outage in the company’s history.

Clients can view the company’s online catering menu to get an idea of ​​the progress of repair work in their neighborhood.

The map highlights the Greater Houston area in three colors: dark green, light green, blue, and orange. According to CenterPoint:

  • Green This means that the power has returned, although isolated outages in individual homes could persist.
  • Light green means the power is back on, but with potential faults embedded
  • Blue This means that crews have been assigned to restore power and work is underway.
  • Orange means CenterPoint is still assessing the damage

CenterPoint estimates that 400,000 additional customers will have their power restored by Friday evening, and another 350,000 will have their power restored by Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, another 400,000 people will be in the dark next Sunday, a week after the Category 1 storm hit the region.

In the aftermath of the storm, many people have questions about how CenterPoint prepared for the storm.

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In an interview with 13 Investigates, CenterPoint Energy admits that not enough resiliency work was done before Hurricane Beryl.

The company’s Executive Vice President Jason Ryan spoke with 13 Investigates’ Kevin Ozebek, sharing details about their “resiliency” plan, which aims to make much-needed upgrades.

Between 2025 and 2027, CenterPoint plans to spend a whopping $376 million to strengthen its transmission system.

Much of that money would go toward replacing old wooden utility poles with stronger ones made from materials like concrete that are more likely to withstand hurricanes.

An additional $268 million would be used to upgrade the largest power towers to more robust models.

Then, $31 million would be used to move some overhead lines under our highways.

“Is this really going to prepare our electrical infrastructure for the storms of the future?” Kevin asked. “Yes, we are confident it will,” Ryan said.

“How can you say for sure that this is enough?” Kevin asked. “We’ve seen these poles withstand these extreme events, both the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane Derecho and this strong Category 1 storm that just hit 48 hours ago. We’ve seen these poles hold up,” Ryan said.

In total, the project is estimated to cost $1.45 billion. Ryan said CenterPoint is seeking federal grants to help finance it.

Although CenterPoint supplies most of the Houston area’s energy, there are a few other providers as well.

Entergy provides details on its own restoration efforts. published a detailed schedule indicating when people living in certain areas should expect to have their electricity restored.

For example, residents of New Caney and Conroe should have power restored by Sunday, while those on the Bolivar Peninsula and Huntsville should have power restored by Friday.

Entergy says it has restored power to more than half of the 252,000 customers who lost electricity during Beryl.

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