Woman sexually abused immediately after surgery in PMB Hospital

Woman sexually abused immediately after surgery in PMB Hospital

Netcare St Anne’s Hospital has suspended a nurse after allegations emerged that he sexually assaulted a patient shortly after she underwent surgery to remove cysts from her uterus.

The patient, whose identity is being kept secret, says the alleged incident occurred when she was transferred to her ward for recovery.

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Speak with The witness Sister Paper The citizenThe victim stated that after the operation, while she was still under anesthesia, she was physically abused several times by a nurse during transport to a ward.

According to the patient, as soon as the elevator they were in reached its destination, the nurse pressed the button for another floor to continue abusing her from there.

In a statement to the hospital, the woman said she was still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

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I’m not feeling well at the moment. I can’t eat well or sleep. I’m still very traumatized by what I went through.

She said she wanted justice for the breach of trust she suffered at a prestigious hospital.

“I feel like I’m being taken advantage of and abused as a woman. I want justice for myself because we cannot accept the wrong norms,” ​​she said.

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The patient said that when she asked the hospital why the nurse was not arrested after her complaint, a senior doctor at the hospital told her she could “trust” the process the hospital used to resolve the matter.

“You have to have confidence in your doctor… Two organizations are investigating this (allegation),” a hospital doctor is said to have told her.

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Sharon Singh, General Manager of Netcare St Anne, commented on the matter on Wednesday: The witness:

We were deeply concerned when a patient complained that she had been sexually harassed by a male nurse following a procedure at our hospital.

“We are appalled by these allegations and sincerely apologize to our patient. No one should ever feel threatened or harassed, especially in the healthcare setting.”

“Such behaviour is completely contrary to our Netcare values ​​and the employee has been immediately suspended from our hospital pending a full investigation.

“Like all Netcare facilities, Netcare St Anne’s Hospital has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour and a full internal investigation has been launched.”

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Singh said the hospital would take decisive action once the police completed their investigation.

“We do this to protect our patients and our hospital, which serves as a safe environment for health care and a place where the dignity of our patients is always respected and protected in accordance with our values, ethics and code of conduct,” she said.

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A case has now been opened with the police and the patient has been examined as part of the criminal investigation. We will fully cooperate with the authorities’ investigations.