Horror: Man attacked with axe in front of shopping center

Horror: Man attacked with axe in front of shopping center

By David Southwell for Daily Mail Australia

09:07 July 11, 2024, updated 09:15 July 11, 2024

A man reportedly suffered facial injuries when he was attacked with an axe outside a local shopping mall.

The incident occurred at around 4pm on Thursday at the Tweed City Centre on Minjungbal Drive in northern New South Wales.

The police have launched a manhunt for the attacker, who fled the scene.

Several ambulances and police crews arrived at the scene of the accident.

A NSW Ambulance spokesman said a man in his 20s suffered facial injuries in the attack and was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

Police sources told the Bulletin that a construction tool that witnesses said resembled an axe or machete was used in the incident.

A manhunt for the perpetrator has been underway since Thursday evening.

After the attack, frightened shoppers responded to her comments on social media, with one saying: “There was blood everywhere.”

Jacqueline Garbett wrote: “Wow, just saw the guy… blood everywhere. Wondered what happened. Pretty creepy stuff.”

Allison Sultana added that one of her son’s friends tried to give first aid to the man who was hit with the device. The incident reportedly happened outside the Woolworths store.

Sara Georgi wrote that families and young people “left the center” during the attack and said police arrived at the scene “quickly.”

Lee Rowthrone added: “I was at Woolies and walked past the sliding doors about 15 minutes before it happened. I was lucky.”

Another woman claimed that going shopping these days was “scary.”

“You have to be very careful when shopping these days. Every day there’s a knife attack, a fight, an axe attack, a car theft… crazy!”

Kay Daniel added: “Now you are not even safe when shopping.”

Another Facebook user criticized Tweed City management, saying the centre had not imposed an emergency lockdown on the centre.

Police are searching for the axe-wielding attacker who injured a man outside a shopping centre in northern New South Wales

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