British dog rapist Adam Britton, ‘world’s worst animal abuser’, cries in court as angry protesters demand ‘death penalty’

British dog rapist Adam Britton, ‘world’s worst animal abuser’, cries in court as angry protesters demand ‘death penalty’

A disgraced Briton who filmed himself raping, torturing and murdering dozens of dogs was seen crying in court.

53-year-old Adam Britton, who is considered the “worst animal abuser in the world,” collapsed shortly before the verdict was announced; the crazy university researcher faces up to 249 years in prison.

Adam Britton tortured, abused and murdered dogs for yearsPhoto credit: Facebook
The crocodile expert was seen crying in court today when the verdict was announcedPhoto credit: BBC
Angry protesters called for Britton to be executed for his crimes against animalsPhoto credit: NT News
Adam (centre) with his ex-wife Erin (left) and David Attenborough (right) in AustraliaPhoto credit: Crocodilian Blogspot

Last year, the crocodile expert confessed to 60 horrific charges related to animal cruelty and zoophilia in a “torture room” made from a shipping container.

Angry protesters demanded the death penalty for the perverted dog rapist. Many of them lined up in front of a Supreme Court. Court with traffic jam signs.

A local held up a sign that read: “Death penalty for Adam Britton.”

A second sign read: “Rapists, torturers, murderers.”

Inside, local pet owners and a member of his ex-wife’s family crowded into the stands to watch his fate being decided.

Britton’s team told the court that he suffered from “paraphilia” during the two years he committed his gruesome crimes.

Paraphilia is generally defined as a condition in which a person has recurrent or intense sexual fantasies involving unusual objects, places, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or things.

People with a sexual disorder are said to also have sexual feelings towards inanimate objects, children or adults without their consent.

When his condition was mentioned in court, a somber-looking Britton sniffled and wiped a tear from his face after a security guard handed him some tissues.

Following his reaction, the case was adjourned pending further psychiatric evaluation.

Briton nicknamed ‘The Immolator’ faces court before admitting role in sick monkey torture ring

It is scheduled to continue on August 8th.

This is the second time his verdict has been postponed after his team asked for time to examine psychiatric reports in February.

At the hearing, Chief Justice Grant, the Australian Supreme Court In an unusual move, the judge hearing Britton’s case dismissed security personnel and police officers from the courtroom.

He said the horrific details laid out in a summary of Britton’s crimes were “confronting and disturbing” and could cause “negative psychological reactions” in those forced to listen to them.

The reports were based on 30 sessions Britton had with a psychologist in which he expressed regret for his actions.

Despite calls for executions, Australia abolished the death penalty in 1985.

He must be punished so that people do not think that animals are something that can be exploited and mistreated

Animal rights protester

The lead researcher at Charles Darwin University must spend the rest of his life behind bars and faces a maximum sentence of 249 years in prison.

He is accused of eight counts of zoophilia – the maximum sentence is three years, four counts of possession and distribution of child abuse material – the maximum sentence is ten years – and 37 counts of serious cruelty to animals – the maximum sentence is five years.

A third animal rights activist said that although he does not believe a prison sentence is sufficient for his heinous crimes, a harsh punishment is necessary.

They said: “He must be punished so that people do not think that animals are something to be exploited and mistreated.”

“We are aware that it (the death penalty) will not happen … but being imprisoned forever would be my personal choice.”

Britton collapsed during his hearing when his ill psychiatric condition was read out – whereupon a security guard handed him some tissues.

The terrifying case of Adam Britton

The former renowned animal specialist was able to auction 42 dogs via Gumtree Australia According to court documents, the men were in prison for more than two years before brutally attacking many of them.

Britton took the pets away from unsuspecting families who could not keep the dogs due to work or health reasons.

The Brit once even described how he saw small children crying as he walked away with their pets.

Between 2020 and 2022, animals were tortured, raped or killed in his house and a nearby property – including his own white Swiss shepherds Ursa and Bolt.

Britton used a shipping container on his remote property to torture the animals.

Who is Adam Britton?

The sadistic 53-year-old associated with Sir David Attenborough and Prince Harry before being arrested for his gruesome crimes in 2023.

He was a distinguished senior researcher at Charles Darwin University in Australia and a crocodile expert.

Britton was born in West Yorkshire and obtained a degree in zoology from the University of Leeds and a PhD from Bristol.

In 1996, he flew to Australia and founded a sanctuary for wild crocodiles called Big Gecko.

Britton was married to a biologist and game warden named Erin, but she appears to have dropped his last name online.

The dog killer led a double life while committing the abuses, with no evidence that Erin knew anything about her husband’s crimes.

They both worked with the crocodiles and managed to sell footage of their animals to organizations such as the BBC and National Geographic.

Britton was a well-known face in Australia and regularly used social media to promote his business and showcase his animals.

He posted the sick footage on Telegram to share with like-minded abusers.

In a chilling message on the website, the “worst animal abuser in the world” spoke to a stranger about his urges:

“I had repressed it. In the last few years I let it out again and now I can’t stop. I don’t want to.”

Britton was brought to court for his sick online posting when an online detective noticed a conspicuous collar on the dog in one of his videos – and called the police.

A month after the video was released, police raided his home in Darwin and arrested him.

Police seized 44 items, including computers, phones, cameras, external hard drives, tools and weapons.

They also found over a dozen files containing child abuse material on one of his laptops.

At the beginning of July, an angry resident sprayed the words “dog killer” on the street in front of the property.

Britton now faces a life sentencePhoto credit: Facebook
A woman outside the Supreme Court with signs addressing the disgraced BritonPhoto credit: Facebook
Britton even abused his own Swiss Shepherd, Bolt (pictured here as a puppy)Photo credit: Adam Britton/Facebook