Mobile police are still looking for reinforcements

Mobile police are still looking for reinforcements

MOBILE COUNTY, Alabama (WKRG) – Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, police departments across the country are still struggling with a shortage of officers.

The Mobile Police Department is currently short of about 30 officers, but the budget currently provides for 489 positions.

William R. Jackson, interim chief of the Mobile Police Department, said, “This is a very honorable profession. It’s more of a calling than a job.”

There are currently 456 officers on the Mobile Police force, including 24 new recruits who will graduate on Friday, June 12.

So why this deficit?

“This is just a phase we’ve gone through. Hopefully we’ll get out of this. Hopefully people will realize that police officers are people too,” Jackson said.

“Police officers are part of your community. They are part of the community and they want to come here to give back to the community.”

As the department needs to fill its ranks, potential recruits seeking officer careers can seek the advice of Alex Russell.

Russell was just named Officer of the Month for the second time in his three years on the force, and he says it’s an honor to do the job.

“I believe if you have a good heart and want to serve the community and help others who can’t help themselves … this is the best job for that,” Russell said.

The starting salary for a mobile police officer is $43,644.